The Lane Campaign teams up with Cycle Sheffield to fight for better cycling conditions in Sheffield

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Members of the Lane Campaign have partnered with Cycle Sheffield to campaign for better road conditions for cyclists along Ringinglow Road, where a Sheffield cyclist died two months ago after colliding with a driver who ‘did not see him’.

Ringinglow Road, one of the top five most dangerous roads in Sheffield, is the main route for cyclists heading into the peak district and has seen several accidents and fatal injuries to cyclists over the years.

When Sarah Cotton, spokesperson of the Lane campaign, lost her friend, Adrian Lane, in September, she, amongst family and friends, decided something needed to be done.

Mrs. Cotton, 47, said: “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. People can’t keep losing their lives when something is clearly wrong with that stretch of road.”

The Lane Campaign and Cycle Sheffield are now asking the Sheffield Council to make improvements to the junction.

Mrs Cotton, MeaseBrook, said: “The junction is very wide, which means people can take it at speed. But if it was boxed off, people would have to slow down, and it would leave room for the addition of a cycle lane.”

They are also asking for the trees on the corner to be felled to improve visibility.

The Lane Campaign was formed by family and friends of Dr. Adrian Lane, a frequent cyclist who cycled daily to go to work, to the groceries, and for leisure.

He road weekly from his home in Greystones to the Peak District and back, but when he was returning on the afternoon of September 15, he, unfortunately, lost his life.

Mónica Bolado, Adrian’s partner, said: “The roads in Sheffield don’t do anything to protect the cyclists. The [Ringinglow-Common Lane] junction is horrible.

“The only time I ever saw Adrian angry was when we were riding, and a lady almost hit us.  He said, ‘Be careful! I’m on a bike’, and when she came out of the car, she said, ‘You bikes, you have to be more careful’. He tried to convince her that she needed to be careful because people on bikes are more vulnerable.

“The accident was the same. He was doing the right thing, but the driver said, ‘I didn’t see him’.”

The Lane Campaign will have its first public meeting on Tuesday 29th Nov at 7.30 pm at The Dorothy Pax on the quayside in Sheffield.

This will be their first gathering together of people wishing to get involved.

To find out more, contact Sarah Cotton at 07900 817408.

Cycling facts
  • According to figures released by South Yorkshire Police, between 2008-2018, there were a total of 1,445 cyclist casualties.
  • This included three deaths, 314 serious injuries and 1,128 slight injuries.
  • Ringinglow Road was in the top five for the most dangerous roads in Sheffield.