Dan Walker wins big for Sheffield Children’s Hospital

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Health, News | 0 comments

Dan Walker says he is ‘delighted’ to have won £32,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital on a ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ celebrity special. 

The broadcaster, who represents the charity as a patron, was forced to leave the ITV show sooner than expected however after losing out on £64,000.

Writing on Twitter after Sunday night’s show aired, Dan said: “Delighted to win £32,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

“Gutted it wasn’t more for such a great charity.”

His £64,000 question was: “Hell is other people, is the English translation of a famous line in a play of which writer?”

Dan had the choice of four options including Jean-Paul Sartre, Henry Gibson or Anton Chekov.

He decided to use a lifeline and asked host Jeremy Clarkson, who responded by saying: “Here’s what I think, I’m going to be honest I don’t know, I mean you’ve got 50/50 left.”

After choosing Henry Gibson, Dan learned it was the incorrect answer and was left with his head in his hands. 

Jeremy apologised saying: “I’m really sorry about that Dan, really sorry about that. The fact is though you are leaving here with £32,000.”

John Armstrong, Chief Executive at the Hospital, wrote: “Absolutely amazing; this donation will help us to continue to deliver the best possible care for all the children and young people that come to  Sheffield Children’s. Thank you!”