Ladybower Reservoir water levels plummet after driest summer

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Community, News | 0 comments

The largest reservoir in the Upper Derwent Valley has reported that it is currently only at 30% of its capacity.

This year, the UK faced its driest summer months since 1850, resulting in more water usage, and now, reservoirs nationwide are lower than usual.

Severn Trent, the UK’s second biggest water company, has jurisdiction over the Ladybower Reservoir and says the levels are not yet of concern.

Daniel Hill, press manager of Severn Trent, said: “It sounds quite low, but there are still eight billion litres of water in that reservoir. 

“A normal autumn-winter’s worth of rainfall will be enough to get those levels back up. All we’re asking people to do is just to be mindful of the water they use at home.”

Severn Trent partnered with the Consumer Council for Water to launch an awareness campaign sharing how families could save almost £1,300 a year on utility bills by reducing water use.

According to data from the CCW, an average family of four with a water meter could save £700 annually by cutting daily shower times from 10 to five minutes, and £300 by fixing a leaking toilet.

Karen Gibbs, Senior Leader for the Environment at CCW, said: “By creating a little less splash, you can save a lot of cash and help to ensure our water supplies go even further.”

Severn Trent hopes these tips will help people be prepared if the impacts of climate change continue to spur drier summers.

Sophie Evans-Young, Water Efficiency Manager at Severn Trent, said: “Even though we’ve had some rain in the last few weeks and gardens are looking greener, we’ll need plenty more to get the levels back up.”

Severn Trent is recruiting new Community Water Saving Champions to speak directly to householders to share tips and advice and is holding a series of drop-in sessions at supermarkets and local tourist attractions.

Visit their website for more information.