Masked students occupy Sheffield University’s Diamond protesting alleged links with arms companies

by | Oct 24, 2022 | News | 0 comments

A group of students from the University of Sheffield have occupied The Diamond protesting against the University’s alleged ties with arms companies.

The protestors claim that the University, while seemingly looking to divest from arms companies, have failed in this and receive funds from arms companies and welcome them at their careers fairs.

One of the student occupiers said: “Every year the Uni accepts millions of pounds from companies that supply weapons used to kill civilians. By accepting money from these murder factories the University is endorsing an industry that is directly causing the deaths of millions of people.”

The occupiers also said they have been forced into direct action over this topic after other student groups such as People & Planet, Fund Education Not War and the Students’ Union have been ignored.

The protestors have no plans to leave and say they will stay as long as necessary, demanding that the University cancel its contracts with the arms companies and refuse to take more funding from them.

A spokesperson from the University of Sheffield said: “For many years the University has undertaken research with a wide range of global manufacturing companies, including Boeing and Rolls-Royce.

“Our connections with industrial partners mean we can help to influence positive change and accelerate more sustainable manufacturing practices. For example our work in high-performance lightweight materials has led to the production of lighter, more fuel-efficient cars and planes.

“We are also committed to providing our students with information about a wide range of organisations offering placements and graduate jobs at our careers fairs so they can make personal informed decisions about their future careers.”

The university said the building is closed and and affected teaching has been moved to an alternative locations and their priority is to minimise disruption.

The University of Sheffield received close to £47 million in eight years from Rolls Royce, who are, in military sales, the second largest provider of aircraft engines for helicopters, UAVs, and fighter jets.