Sheffield nurses win Chief Nursing Officer award

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Health, News | 0 comments

Four nurses at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital have been presented with the silver Chief Nursing Officer award for their outstanding contributions to patients and their professions.

Dame Ruth May, the Chief Nursing Officer for NHS England, and Professor Mark Radford, the Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for NHS England, arrived in Sheffield to present the awards to the winners, Sue Levers, Tom Sweeney, Michelle Evans, and Dipti Aistrop.

Tom Sweeney, a Mental Health Nurse Specialist, was nominated by Sue Levers, Head of Nursing in the CAMHS team.

Ms Levers said: “It is Tom’s approach to his role that makes a difference.

“His enthusiasm, commitment and positive role modelling is infectious and he makes everyone feel that they can make a difference to the young person’s journey.”

Tom Sweeney collects his award

Ms Levers received a nomination from Sally Shearer for her commitment to children and young people’s mental health nursing.

Ms Shearer, who has 42 years of experience with the NHS, said: “Sue’s a compassionate leader that recognises the challenges of nursing, whilst championing high standards of care.

“Sue knows all of the patients on the site by name and can describe the actions taken to support person centred care, championing inclusivity with bespoke and creative approaches.”

Michelle Evans was nominated by Clair Harness for her leadership with children with learning disabilities and autism, while Dipti Aistrop was nominated by Pauline Williams for 40 years of contribution to the NHS.