WATCH: A bird’s eye view of Sheffield

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Community, Watch | 0 comments

Chris Pickering, a Sheffield native, gives us a bird’s eye view of our city through his drone.

Mr Pickering, who lives near Norfolk Park, has always had a love for nature and currently uses a DJI Mini 3 Pro, to capture the lively landscapes around him.

Mr Pickering, 50, said: “When I go visit places, it’s to get people from Sheffield and roundabouts to go, ‘hm, maybe I’ll go there’. I try to get people into visiting places.”

To see more of Sheffield from Mr Pickering, visit his Youtube Page, Pixies Channel.


Drone Facts
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles first appeared commercially in 2016
  • Drones are set to become an $89.6 US billion dollar industry by 2030
  • The average cost of a drone can range anywhere between $50 - $10,000 US dollars